Saturday, January 16, 2010

An Older Woman Who Dares

An older woman who dares

Is eager to explore the unknown.
Owns everything she’s been and done.
Wields her sword with force and compassion.
Keeps her promises.
Tithes with her unique gifts.
Has lost the cares of youth.
Loves with the experience of her years.
Has honed her priorities.
Knows when to keep going and when to stop.
Is deeply connected to her intuition.
Makes heads turn with the radiance of her true beauty.
Knows when not to accept the status quo.
Doesn’t fear death – and has creative ideas about how to die.
Knows when to forgive and does it with soul full elegance.
Howls at the moon, at fear and fools.
Knows it’s sometimes important to lick her wounds.
Takes out the trash that accumulates in the mind and the body.
Enjoys the delicious decadence of sleeping in the afternoon.
Refuses to be rigid.


  1. Wonderful distillation of ideas...right to the point!

  2. oh yes....and wear what ever you feel like and any color that wraps you waarm in your heart..color is subjective ...a great way to recognize others
    A personal flag???

  3. personal freedom......................... wonderful

  4. Says it all....and so much more!!! Glad to be me.