Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm Proud to be a MUTT

I’m a MUTT, and what could be better than that?

Purebred dogs are beautiful, but why settle for one dog, when you can have a combination of both or several?

Athough the rules changed in 2009, up until then you didn’t see mutts at the AKC Show, that country clubbish gathering with purebreds groomed to the tips of their toes and lashes. Where somewhere a sign was posted Real Dogs Are Forbidden to Enter.

Purebreds may be more beautiful on the outside, but mutts know inner beauty is what counts. Your purebred is more likely to be stolen, a mutt won’t. In Brazil and the Dominican Republic MUTTS are called vira lata (trash can tippers) which means not only are they survivors, they’re problem solvers. Known as quick thinkers, their boundless curiosity makes them well informed. MUTTS don’t get lost, but if you do they’re experts at finding people who will help.

Mutts enjoy going to places where you never know who you’ll meet. Back roads and barrios and parks where there are a lot of people to play with, especially kids with frisbees.

MUTTS get a kick out of making other people laugh because when there’s laughter, anger and sorrow are somewhere else. And sometimes they might even get a treat.

MUTTS make great pals. Bring them home and they’ll love you forever, because you knew a good thing when you saw it.


  1. Loved "Mutts" Sam! It was my bedtime story that I saved all day as my treat after prepping for tomorrow 1/2 the day!! Will send to my daughter the animal rights activist/vegan ( Sweet Muttdreams! oxoxo Loretta =0)