Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Answer(s) Are Blowin' In The Wind

Was feeling a little blue last night thinking of missing the saturday night dance, in a town that remains new to me; a fairly isolated one at that. Went out on the deck with a glass of white wine. Dylan's voice drifted outside - 'the answer is blowin' in the wind.' That little bump brought a giggle as I remembered letting go of the Saturday Night Dance fever a long time ago! My days are busy with work, exploration and although I've had a couple of intriguing meets, those deep meaningful friendships in a new place can take time.
The phrase lingered as I drifted off to sleep.
The story of the man stranded on his roof as the river rose. You may know the one. He's praying for rescue. A boat arrives, then a helicopter. He sends both away saying he's waiting for Divine Salvation. When he arrives in heaven, he asks... why didn't you answer me. You darn, fool, I sent help twice and you refused.
Thinking that maybe Dylan had something going on, I was reminded how easy it is to miss the boat!
This morning, after my morning routine of meditation and breaking fast, I checked my email. Anjanita had posted a photo of flowers and an excerpt from The Little Prince and his one rose. (author St. Euxpery). On the deck were two gorgeous pink rose blossoms. Most of the roses didn't survive the excess rain, but these two exuded a beautiful perfume.

Went outside to sweep the front entry and noticed that the mat was facing my way. It said Welcome!

The Saturday Dance has begun...


  1. Seems the synchronicity is marking a reawakening for you, Sam. I'm looking forward to reading your blog again!

  2. Odd, I have had some of these same thoughts lately...and I can see you on your porch, white wine in your hand...wish I was there to drink some with you.

  3. Sam, Phidian here, (Angie) ;-)