Friday, January 16, 2015

Stepping Out to Step Up

A friend sent me a link to an article from the Guardian online (one of my favorite and most trusted news sources). It was about 'likes' on Facebook which up electronic surveillance and data sharing on the 'likee'. A byline under the title mentioned losing our souls by clicking 'like.' 've known about this surveillance and data sharing for some time.. and in actuality, I don't think there is anyway you can remain private on the Internet. The things you don't want repeated or used need to be said face to face... not in emails or on cellphones or in public places.. and it all reminds me of Brazil in the 70s, what happened in Chile and Argentina. When someone told you to step outside in a friend's garden where you were warned against speaking inside anywhere, including cars. Warned against talking freely on telephones (nationally and internationally). That was then. This is now and if we thought the 70s with all the desaparecidos and the military governments and dictators were bad! Now, the desparecidos are robotized, militarized and zombied! Today, we're being hit from all sides and from all directions; from food to civil rights, our immune systems, climate change and Orwellian oversight which in simpler terms is confinement and containment. That said, I believe we've been specifically called to be here now. What an honor! What a blessing! To be asked to be more of who we were designed to be. I was amazed by the powerful energy thrust I felt when 2014 became 2015. And this is what's happening. Either you let go of what hasn't worked or what has held you back, or it will be done for you. There are no exceptions. This is our emotional and spiritual and physical turning point. We, and others like us are the akaline content to an acidic world. And many more are on their way to join us. Excitement, intent and life affirming energy are all contagious. What struck me and made me want to dance (I actually threw my arms in the air and did a little samba solo in the wifi cafe the other day) is how incredibly comfortable I feel inside my body. More than ever before. How incredibly powerful it feels to be connected with the universal life force. To have that energy working through me 24/7 and all it took was an unconditional yes and thank you! How incredibly comfortable it is to intuit... to draw from that beautiful sense of connection. I predict we're going to see increasingly honed intuition that compels us to yes! Soft engagement with negative forces is over..we're now engaged in precision laser like defense and offense. Firm compassion, loving support that launches and surrounds others, full self body love - getting in shape. Lean, fit, flexible and strong. Love and care for all beings.. and I see this picking up speed, especially in nature and with wild creatures and the domesticated. There will be more meaningful loving relationships with our self, friends, community, lovers and partners, and all living creatures and organisms. We're being asked to stand up, to say out loud who we are and what we believe. And as others join us the sound of all those unified voices, the physical, emotional and psychic preparation/connections will be our greatest shield and our greatest weapon. The finest sword is tempered by the hottest flame... that's you, that's me, and that's us. Sending out a namaste (I see the divine in you) to all my brothers and sisters, my ancestors, and all living beings. May this be a year blessed with an abundance of love, laughter, fulfillment and large measures of grace.

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